Why Do I Always Feel Tired?

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“I feel tired all the time” this is more than a feeling of drowsiness or a desire for sleep. Tiredness also include a component of being drained of energy and lacking the ability or the desire to continue functioning. It can be caused by physical exertion, by illnesses like anemia, by conditions such as depression, by lack of sleep, by stress and by medications such as those used to treat cancer. Tiredness can have both physical and mental effects.

Excessive tiredness can severely damage your quality of life. If you’re always tired, you should first realize that tiredness is a symptom. The right way to deal with tiredness is to find out what is causing it, and then take the steps to eliminate the causes or change what needs to be changed.

If you lack energy and feel tired or lethargic life can be unnecessarily hard. Even the simplest or most enjoyable tasks can feel like a huge effort. Whether you’re completely exhausted or simply feel like you’re not living life to the full because your batteries are low, then hypnotherapy will definitely help you.

Hypnotherapy is all about changing patterns of behaviour and that is why it works so effectively as a treatment for many disorders. Why do I always feel tired? Though the cause of tiredness will vary from person to person, there are many conditions which are thought to factor into an increased prevalence of tiredness in certain individuals. Certain psychiatric disorders, sleep deprivation, various medical conditions and medications as well as previous trauma are all thought to be underlying causes for feeling tired all the time.

Taking time out to relax and get a hypnotherapy treatment will benefit your mind and body and restore that amazing feeling of energy and vitality that you’ve been missing. You will be left feeling totally revitalised and motivated. If a holiday or downtime seems totally out of reach but you are feeling tired all the time, simply get hypnotherapy and you’ll feel immediately replenished.

A hypnotherapist may use a combination of techniques or may feel that the best approach for treating your disorder effectively is just to use one. Either way, your practitioner will be able to tailor treatment to your personal circumstances to achieve the most successful outcome. Hypnotherapy can re-charge your energy levels and get yourself back on track. This holistc approach to tiredness can restore those batteries and give you the boost that you need.