“Wow – I can’t believe stopped smoking in just one session with Jill Fischer. It was easy and fun! There was no lack of control, and I remembered everything. And now I don’t even have any urges to smoke. Thank You!!!” – Ian Leisk, Calgary, Alberta  March 2012

“I have always been curious about hypnotherapy and whether it would be able to help fix my anger issues.  After reading books and trying meditation or yoga, nothing seems to be able to really “get to the core and fix my problems”.   I decided to give hypnotherapy a try and that’s when I met Jill.   So far, I only had 2 sessions with Jill and I am already seeing major changes within me.  During the first session, Jill took the time to fully understand my situation and needs which was extremely important and vital for her to help me in the most effective way.  That time spent was definitely not wasted in any manner so don’t get impatient and try to jump right into the actual hypnotherapy without going through this part.   So far, with a total of about 1.25 hours of the actual hypnotherapy with Jill, I am already experiencing a shift in my attitudes, my views and reactions on things.   I am a lot happier, more relaxed and calm, and I just cannot describe why and how things changed!?  Jill was very experienced in guiding me through the whole hypnotherapy process and in case many of you wonder – no, she did not lift me up into mid air, nor ask for my wallet or PIN number for my bank cards!!  LOL  When I was at my sub-conscious level, I was still fully aware of my surroundings yet I also felt like I was at another place, a place Jill led me to, where she successfully planted all the new ideas and healing I desperatly need and I guess that’s where she “re-wired” my thoughts and patterns.  Working with Jill has been an eye-opening as well as a life-changing process for me and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make major changes to your life.  Thanks Jill.” – Bernice Chan, Calgary, Alberta”  May 7th, 2012


I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to let you know that I got a new job that I’m very excited about! Right after our session together, I had an interview and within 3 weeks I was hired. I will be the leadership training manager for a healthcare organization, so basically doing what I love, developing and training people, inside of a company. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get the job. Because of our work together, I eliminated some disempowering stories and have already seen this and other tremendous results. I will be in touch soon because I’d like to schedule some more time together.

Thanks again.” – Adair Cates, Atlanta Georgia   July 2012

I went to see Jill for 2 sessions, but the second session was merely a conversation about how well everything was going.  In my mind, I knew that I needed to take control of certain things in my life, and I knew how to do it.  Unfortunately, the processes in my mind were quite slow at accessing the information in a timely fashion.  I procrastinated, because my mind did.  After one session with Jill, it almost felt like my brain had been re-wired to go immediately to the solution and thoughts I was looking for.  I didn’t even have to try to bypass other systems and negative thoughts, the positive thoughts and the answers that I knew I had, where just there, waiting for me – and I knew I could trust that they were correct.  I didn’t have to second guess myself anymore.  The negative thought processes that eventually lead to the positives, moved to the back of my brain.  The positives just jumped out at me and I didn’t have to spend any time convincing myself that the negatives might not be true.  I have always tried to be a positive person, but it so hard when we just seemed to be wired for the negative.  We seem to want to believe the negatives are true, but these are merely our perceptions.  People that are positive and upbeat are like that because they allow themselves to be.  Why worry about what might not even be true?  

Since seeing Jill, I have been so much more motivated to just get stuff done, and be that positive person that I have always wanted to be.  My mind in no longer filled with the “what if’s”, it is filled with the what is, and what can be.  I am so much more efficient in the work that I do, I am more open to new people and conversations, I am much more outgoing and I don’t think about why people do or say the things they do.  I’ve realized, that if people are not nice, it’s probably got nothing to do with me.  I am able to shrug things off and know that all I have to worry about is being me, just me, without hiding or being ashamed of the person that I am.  I don’t want to change the integral parts of myself, so why hide who I really am.  

These session were life changing for me.  This is exactly what I needed to go in the direction that I wanted to go.  Thank you so much Jill, I think you’ve made the world a better place by showing me how to be that better person that I wanted to be.” – Pamela Varga, Sept 2012

“A session with Jill Fischer was such a breakthrough for me, I doubled my business success in dollars within 3 days. Now months later my success continues to expand. Opportunities and wealth are coming to me at an amazing rate and I no longer block them! I feel unstoppable!”
Teresa de Grosbois, (March 2011) International Speaker, Trainer & Best Selling Author, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada www.WildfireWS.com

“I highly recommend Jill Fischer. Jill has an unique and transformational approach that will support you in breaking through whatever it is that seems to stop you. There’s no loss of control, there’s nothing to “do.” You simply participate in her process and remove blocks. Amazing way to move forward in your business and your life.” – 
Shawne Duperon, (May 2011) Six-Time EMMY® award winner has interviewed most US presidents, celebrities and sports stars, based in Detroit, Minnesota, USA www.ShawneTV.com

“I’ve been sending you lots of warm thoughts! Oh and my tension in my jaw that had been hurting me for a year you did the hypnosis for is completely gone! Thanks and remember “you are powerful!” love :) ”
 – Julie Lamacraft, (March 2011) based in Glade, British Coloumbia, Canada