I’m Too Sensitive

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Being a highly sensitive person means that your senses are very easily overwhelmed. What then happens is that the fight or flight response is triggered, causing a person to feel unsafe. It is possible to train and condition yourself to feel far safer than you normally do being highly sensitive and to desensitize those triggers. This allows you to lead a much more normal life, one where you can process information very differently than you do now.

Highly Sensitive People make up 15% to 20% of the population. Highly Sensitive People are also sometimes referred to as Ultra Sensitive People, Super Sensitive People, or People with “Overexcitabilities.” HSP’s nervous systems are different and are more sensitive to subtleties in their environment, which can be a good or bad thing. And because they process and reflect upon incoming information so deeply, they are more likely to become over stimulated and overwhelmed than Non-HSP

If you feel you are too sensitive to criticism you many have been brought up believing that no one should ever say a bad word about you. More commonly however, people who are over- defensive have been criticized a lot in the past, and defensiveness has developed as a self-protection mechanism.

If being a highly sensitive person is problematic for you, then you should take notice and step up to do something about it. You have reasons to be confident. It is your subconscious that is telling you lies about your ability. In order to move on and live a successful life, you have to take a shot at these problems at their root. You have to attack the subconscious.

Hypnosis is altered state of consciousness (rather awareness) it differs from many other mental states including ordinary consciousness. It is a way of using subconscious activities for one’s benefit. It is a different mental state, which allow us to experience ourselves as subconscious being but with the ability to manipulate this inner personal wealth intentionally. A state of profound relaxation & concentration by means of sensory recall characterized by increased receptivity and objectivity (objectivity means without interference of subjective, anxiety & fear)

If you had been too focused on fending off attacks that weren’t there, hypnotherapy is a relaxing, yet powerful treatment, which can help control unwanted feelings, worries or habits. It is very effective in reducing overall stress and alleviating symptoms. When you are no longer defensive your life will be so much freer and easier and you’ll be able tofocus on what’s really important.