How To Improve Memory

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The conscious mind becomes less agile as we age, and for many people mental tasks that once seemed spontaneous or natural, such as remembering names and recalling words, may become increasingly difficult. This can be disconcerting, and sometimes even minor memory lapses, like constantly forgetting where you left your keys or wallet can generate anxiety.

Memory can be defined as a person’s stock of retained knowledge and experience. Memory enhancement is comprised of many techniques and must be personalized to each individual. It first requires you to acknowledge this problem, and identify why you want to regain or enhance your memory. You must be motivated to sustain any healthy changes or habits. This requires keeping the mind active and providing the brain and body with the exercise and support needed for optimal functioning. Change will occur with conscious intent. Conscious intent requires continuous reinforcement; it usually takes at least three weeks to change or add new behaviors.

A trained Hypnotherapist will help you to regain and maintain memory, and improve your mental retention by increasing your awareness.  You can also overcome anxieties that interfere with your ability to remember certain things. Many students suffer from test anxiety; this can be overcome by hypnotherapy. Similarly, some people “freeze” and forget information during public speaking. This anxiety pattern can also definitely be eliminated through applying hypnotherapeutic techniques.

The mind is like a complex computer network that stores billions of files. Hypnosis creates the opportunity to recall and locate missing files that contain certain information you need help remembering. The brain and the computer work in similar fashion to store day to day happenings, incidents and visuals. Under hypnosis, the subconscious mind has the ability to recall even trivial information.

Hypnotherapy involves social interaction between the client and the hypnotherapist, and encourages imaginative experiences to create alterations in cognition and voluntary action. For individuals more susceptive to hypnosis, these alterations in consciousness can even assist with extremely strong emotional conditions such as subjective conviction bordering on delusion, or experiences of involuntary behavior that borders on compulsion.

When hypnotherapy is used in combination with mental relaxation and successful mnemonic strategies, powerful recall can be developed quickly and you can easily improve your memory skills. This relaxing process will “de-fog” your mind, and you will retain wonderful, individualized tools and techniques to overcome mental blocks and achieve the kind of clarity of mind associated with world class memory skills.