Help I Am Disorganized

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Chronic disorganization is not a disease. It is a “trait” found in all kinds of people, at every income level. Chronically disorganized people are often also highly functional, creative, intelligent, social, accomplished, energetic, enthusiastic and fun to be around.

Chronic disorganization is also commonly associated with ADD, chronic pain, depression, addiction to shopping, cluttering and hoarding, bi-polar disorder, Alzheimer’s, brain injury, and autistic spectrum disorders. Chronic disorganization is sometimes triggered by situational disorganization that has not been recovered from over a period of years.

Chronic disorganization disorder affects your emotional state so strongly that you are no longer able to dig out alone. Help is needed to recover. You may need ongoing help to maintain a reasonable level of organization. If your quality of life is suffering, you feel stressed and overwhelmed much of the time, and you don’t feel like you can “fix it” yourself, you are likely to be “stuck” in a pattern of chronic disorganization. If you find that you tend to YO-YO between extremes of getting organized and then becoming overwhelmed with clutter, this pattern may also be considered “chronically disorganized.”

Hypnotherapy can help you gain control of your life, no matter what your circumstances are. This method allows you to make small changes over time, which leads to long-term success. Hypnotherapy helps you define your organizing problems and find solutions that work for your individual needs. You can discuss realistic goals and expectations, along with changes in behavior.

Hypnotherapy can be a tremendous help to you. By changing your self-image from “I’m a slob”, “I can’t seem to get anything done”, to “I am organized”, “I have a place for everything”, “I always finish what I begin”, you program yourself to be more self-disciplined and balanced in all aspects of your life, from managing your household, relationships and finances, to organization on the job and more free time. You will feel much better and be more productive living in a clean and orderly environment.

The business world is fast-paced and always forward bound. To keep up with industrial growth and your own personal improvement, it’s essential to practice good organizational skills. Having a disorganized office can hinder your ability to advance professionally, decrease your productivity, and cost your employer time and money. Chronic disorganization can even be bad for your physical and mental health. Hypnotherapy trains your thought patterns at the most fundamental, neuro-linguistic level and helps you find the ‘sweet spot’ between messiness and order, so you have a perfect balance in your life.