Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is hypnotherapy effective?

A. Hypnotherapy is like a shortcut into your subconsious mind. It allows you to ask your subconcious mind about the root of your problem, and then tell your subconsious to fix it. Ultimately everything we do is guided by our subconsious. So be it a physical illness or an emotional problem, or something more general like wanting more success in life – hypnotherapy allows you to find out why the problem exsists and then re-program your mind to eliminate the root cause of the problem.


Q. Why do I need hypnotherapy?

A. In short – because you are looking for a solution to your problem. It doesn’t matter what your specific issue is. Hypnotherapy works on a subconsious level that infuences literarly every aspect of our life – it can give you significant results for both physical and emotional ailments. We are not saying it is a cure-all – nothing is. However it is definetly something that will impact your recovery in a real significant way – wheather you want to quit smoking or battling with chronic disease, this is an effective way to not only to get results, but also to enhance any other treatment you might be already doing.


Q. What do you do in a hypnotherapy session?

A. First thing that happens in a hypnotherapy session is that the patient is put in a relaxed state. The reason for that is because the relaxed state is the only way we can access the subconsious. Once the person is relaxed, the session consists of asking questions and doing basic regression to uncover the root cause of the issue being worked on. The patient is in full control at all times during the session, so it is very important that there is trust between the therapist and the patient – this therapy only works if the patient is participating in the proccess.


Q. How many sessions do I need?

A. We have no idea. The truth is that it depends on individual circumstances. For some people one session is enough, for others this therapy will become a way of self improvement and life long learning. In most cases an average of 4 sessions can deliver significant results.


Q. How much does hypnotherapy cost?

A. We have many different sessions available.  Cost starts from $180, however we have many packages and additional tools that can reduce this cost significantly. We recommend doing a 2h session first time around. The consultation part of the initial session can take a significant time so if you do a 2h session, it will leave you more time to actually start working on the topic you want to resolve. Please call us for more information 587.333.6399


Q. Can you do hypnotherapy over the phone?

A. Yes, we provide treatments over the phone as well as in our clinic. We also have teleclasses that can accelarate your healing. Please call us for more information 1.866.972.0210