Fear Of Public Speaking

How To Overcome Fear
Of Public Speaking
With Hypnotherapy

  • Find the root cause of your fear.  Hypnotherapy is a great way to experience a breakthrough and find out exactly what causing the fear to paralyze you before every speech. This root cause can be anything but often it is some sort of a psychological association our mind made with how other people see you.  It plays in the back of our subconscious, like mind control – we keep repeating same cycle of being afraid and forcing your-self to overcome this fear. To get this resolved we have to address this root cause.
  • Once the root cause is identified, next step is to remove its influence from our subconscious.  NLP (or neuro-linguistic programming) is a very effective set of techniques that allows us to reframe how we look at things. and what commands we take from our subconscious in our daily life.  For example if the root cause of our is being afraid of looking stupid in front of a crowd, then this fear can be easily re-framed (or changed how we perceive it by our conscious mind) to something like thinking that speaking in front of a crowd is empowering.  
  • Continue until your subconscious accepts this new programming.  This part is different for everyone – but usually in a few sessions you can start seeing tangible results.

“I highly recommend Jill Fischer. Jill has an unique and transformational approach that will support you in breaking through whatever it is that seems to stop you. There’s no loss of control, there’s nothing to “do.” You simply participate in her process and remove blocks. Amazing way to move forward in your business and your life.”

Shawne Duperon, www.ShawneTV.com