Chronic Sickness

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Chronic sickness is not a name for any particular disease but rather a general term describing the length of duration of a disease’s symptoms. A chronic illness is basically any disease that has a long term effect on the body. The term chronic is usually applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months.

Chronic sickness is the most common and costly of all health problems, but they are also the most preventable. Most chronic diseases are not contagious. You cannot get them from person to person contact, breathing the same air, or drinking from the same glass. There are literally hundreds of chronic illnesses ranging from asthma to lung disease. The symptoms of any one of them can vary from mild to severe

The hypnotherapy treatment for chronic sickness is based on a profound understanding of the challenges facing the chronically ill. This therapy will provide courage, inspiration, and allow chronically ill individuals to lead a more fulfilled life while coping with the disease.

Hypnosis is the most powerful and effective way of establishing a ‘mindset’ which has a beneficial impact on how (or whether) distress is experienced. Hypnosis has been used to allow surgery without anesthesia, manage chronic pain and alleviate or completely stop allergic reactions.

Hypnosis may improve and reduce anxiety associated with Chronic Sickness as well as pain in general. Clinical trials on burn patients suggest that hypnosis decreases pain (enough to replace pain medication) and speeds healing. Generally, clinical studies show that using hypnosis may reduce your need for medication, improve your mental and physical condition before an operation, and reduce the time it takes to recover. Dentists also use hypnotherapy to control gagging and bleeding.

Every chronic condition has its own symptoms, treatment, and course of action. So managing chronic sickness comes with many challenges. When you live with a chronic illness you may feel affected not just physically, but emotionally, socially, and even financially. Hypnosis can be an effective complementary therapy to help in the management of chronic conditions and diseases. In the management of these conditions conventional health care is supplemented or enhanced with the use of Hypnosis which works to help facilitate the body’s own natural pattern of defense and healing.